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Time Magazine Best Photos of the Year 2005

How did people evacuate Air France 358?

Toronto Star - Picture and A Thousand Words

Canadian Press - Student wins CP Picture of the Year

Toronto Star - Don't Blame Vanier for Death

Dealing with the down time of commuting

Queen's Journal - Queen's shouldn't pay for Aberdeen

I have been interviewed and featured by several publications and programs, including:

  • Time Magazine, Photos of the Year 2005 (Canadian Edition)
  • Canadian Press Photo of the Year award
  • Canadian Press Photo of the Month award
  • Toronto Star
  • National Post
  • Kingston Whig Standard
  • CityTV
  • ABC Good Morning America
  • CTV Television
  • CBC Radio
  • Canada AM
  • Queen's Journal

I've also had letters and opinion pieces published in

  • Toronto Star
  • Queen's Journal
  • Hamilton Spectator

The links on the left will direct you to some of the articles and publications that I have been featured in.