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Don't Blame Vanier for Death
Eddie Ho
Letter to the Toronto Star on November 11, 2003

As student council president of Georges Vanier Secondary School, I am absolutely shocked at what has happened with regard to the tragic brawl that occurred on our school property. The brawl was uncalled for and was truly tragic, but the effects and damage that it has left behind have been even more overwhelming to my school.

Unfortunately, the media have wrongfully confused night- and day- school activities. The public was lead to believe that major problems with violence, gangs and drugs exist in the school. They also brought up the belief that students are unable to cope in Vanier because of the dangerous environment that has been created.

None of that is true.

Such activities do not exist and I feel that Vanier is safe. Night school is completely independent from day school and they have no connection with each other.

Furthermore, the students who were injured were not Vanier students, and the events cannot suggest how Georges Vanier operates.

When we returned to the school, classes operated as normal. I was able to meet my friends again and we continued to study so we can graduate with honours.

The public should be informed accurately of what is really happening, as the reputation of our school has been seriously damaged with no reason. This tragedy just happened to take place on school property that is located in a very centralized position. Because of that, incidents that happen in the community are always directed at us, resulting in a badly damaged reputation and we, as a learning institution, do not deserve that.

Georges Vanier is a multicultural, diverse school and the recent events do not represent Vanier's rich values at all.

Eddie Ho, Student Council President,

Georges Vanier S.S., Toronto