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South Africa - flying to

South Africa - Cape Town


Cape Town is probably best and most attractive city in the world. Plan to be in Cape Town for at least 4 days.

The best time of the year to go is in the summer months between October and May.

Suggested itinerary
Day 0 - The day you arrive in Cape Town

Get freshened up after you arrive. You have an exciting 4 days coming up! The itinerary can be followed any order that fits best.

Day 1 - Table Mountain on a sunny day; City Sightseeing Tours - Blue Route
Table Mountain (3 hours) (5/5) - If Day 1 is a sunny day, this is the day to go up to Table Mountain. If it is not sunny, I would recommend skipping it and move onto Day 2, and come back to Day 1 when the weather clears up. You must be able to see the entire top of the mountain from the ground, otherwise you will not be able to see anything. Furthermore, keep in mind that the Cable Car can be closed on a clear day when it is windy.

Drive to the base of Table Mountain, follow the brown signs up the mountain, and then buy a ticket to ride one of the most fantastic cable cars in the world (albeit it is heavily sponsored by Visa). At the top, walk around, indulge in the breathtaking views, and enjoy a cup of coffee or cappuccino. Come back down after.

City Sightseeing tours Blue Route (3-5 hours), (5/5) - One of the best bus tours in the world - and trust me I've been on lots. The best stops to make are:
- Mount Nelson Hotel - the great colonial style hotel is the best for treating yourself to a proper English tea or lunch
- Camps Bay - great for walking along the beach, enjoying the sea-side life, restaurants and shops
- Kirstenbosch Gardens - awesome botantical gardens (although could be covered by visiting when going to Cape Point) Make your way to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens early in the morning at around 9am, one of the richest gardens on the African continent. Enjoy the scenery, and do a walk around the hilly gardens, located right by the side of the mountain.  

Day 2 - Cape Peninsula
The strategy of the day is to drive along the east coast of the peninsula in the morning south to Cape Point, and then back along the west coast of the peninsula in the afternoon/evening to catch the sunset.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens (1-2 hours) - 8:30am/9am, (4/5) - Make your way to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens early in the morning at around 9am, one of the richest gardens on the African continent. Enjoy the scenery, and do a walk around the hilly gardens, located right by the side of the mountain. Note: If you woke up late, you should save time and head over to the next stop  

Head towards Kalk Bay(1-2 hours) (4/5)& From Kirstenbosch, drive along the M3 towards the direction of Muizenberg. Becareful of your speed as there are speed traps on this route. Once the highway ends, make a left turn on Steenberg Rd, then a right turn on Main Road, and then another right turn on Boyes Drive for the scenic route along the side of the mountains. Boyes Drive takes you directly into Kalk Bay, but if you are early and do have some time in the morning, I recommend making a left turn at the end of Boyes Drive to check out the beach by Muizenberg and the famous colourful wooden beachhouses that you see in magazines all the time. Then, head back when you came from towards Kalk Bay.

Lunch at Kalky's in Kalk Bay - 11:30am/12pm (5/5) - the best value for money fish and chips you can get in Africa! Located in Kalk Bay right by the fishing boat harbour, you can enjoy the best fish and chips in town. I recommend ordering hake, a good quality fish that is common in South Africa. I don't care for snoek as much though - it's a bit too fishy and bony for my taste.

Walk around Simon's Town (3/5) - While there's stuff to explore in Simon's Town - it is a naval base, but overall nothing big. If you are running short on time, drive through and head straight for Boulders' Beach - you won't miss much in Simon's Town.

Boulders' Beach - 1:30pm (5/5) - ever heard or seen African penguins before? This is where you can see colonies of them! Area is protected by SANparks so there is an entrance fee to go in. Boulders' Beach is located just past Simon's Town on the left.

Drive to Cape Point (5/5) - the drive to Cape Point from here onwards is spectacular. Blue oceans, beautiful scenary. You can't ask for better. There are several rest stops for photos along the way. The best one for photos is the part after you pay your entrance fee to SANparks to get in - its located on your left by a sharp turn. Get views of spectacular cliffs and oceans like you've never seen before.

Go to Cape Point - 2:30pm (5/5) - park your car and you now have a decision. You can walk up those steps (trust me they look tame but it's quite steep) or take the Flying Dutchman streetcar / mobile. To save time and energy, I recommend paying to take the shuttle thing up, and then walk back down. It's a good compromise. Once you are up, make your way to the lighthouse for photos. Also, there is another path that takes you right to the actual southern tip of Cape Point. It says its a 1 hour 30 min walk round trip, but it's really just 30 min round trip. Do it either way, you're here at the southern tip of the Cape, enjoy it.

Drive along the west coast (4/5) - Make your way out of Cape Point, turn left, and head west. The trick is to keep to the ocean as much as you can... you'll come to a triangle intersection; turn left towards Scarborough (nothing like the one in Toronto). Continue straight along the main road (M65) towards Kommetjie. Then, there will be a turn east. Keep following Kommetjie Road until you hit Ou Kaapse Weg, turn left, then turn to Noordhoek main road (M5) and follow signs/directions to the famous Chapman's Peak Drive.

Chapman's Peak Drive (5/5) - This is the best drive the world, even though speed limit is only about 20km/h. Marvel at the engineering and the sheer rock above and beneath you. Great photos here. Catch the sunset.

Head back into Cape Town - Once you are done here, keep driving and start heading back into Cape Town. Dinner can be had at Camp's Bay (along the way) or V&A waterfront. Get rested for another big day tomorrow!