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I was formally the external relations co-ordinator for Q'BET, or Queen's Conference on the Business Environment Today. I was also previously involved as the IT and Marketing officer in 2005, and sponsorship officer in 2006.

Q'BET is a 31 year old undergraduate annual business conference that runs in the first weekend of November every year. Over 150 delegates, sponsors and speakers attend the conference held in various venues in Kingston, including the Kingston Waterfront Holiday Inn, Goodes Hall, Agnes Etherington Art Centre and St. Lawrence College. The 4 day conference is one of the most popular conference at Queen's, selling out within 30 minutes every year. The final banquet, usually held at the Harbour restaurant (aka. Portsmouth), is one of the more memorable ones at Queen's.

One of my main contributions to the conference is the design of the refreshed logo as shown below. The new Q'BET logo represents a spotlight in action; with a silhouette on the "Q" which represents Queen's University. The spotlight is placed on the business environment as students interact with notable keynote speakers from across Canada and around the world.

Q'BET logo

The logo was first seen in the November 2005 conference. It has been used repeatedly in conferences subsequent to 2005, including 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

The conferences held to date were themed the following:-

2010 What's your legacy?
2009 ??
2008 Be in the Know
2007 Balancing Proactive and Reactive Strategies
2006 Embracing Change: The Key to Sustaining a Competitive Edge
2005 Rationalizing Risk: The Pursuit for Greater Opportunities
2004 Leading to Succeed
Revolutionary Thinking: Taking Business To New Heights
New markets. Fast Companies. Open Minds.
2001 Harnessing Change in the Next Quarter-Century
2000 Thinking Differently in the New Economy
1999 Turning Point: Pivotal Business Decisions
1998 Infinite Possibilities: Innovation and the Entrepreneurial Spirit
1997 Many Worlds Together: Exploring the New Business World
1996 20/20: What's Your Vision?
1995 Vanishing Borders: A Horizon of Opportunity
1994 The Evolving Business Environment
1993 Helping Canadians Compete: Strategies for Success
1992 People and Progress: Stepping into the 21st Century
1991 Canadian Business: Through the Global Looking Glass
1990 Corporate Responsibility: A Strategic Necessity
1989 Meeting Corporate Challenges: Canada's Transition Through the 1990s
1988 International Business: A Canadian Perspective
1987 Adapting to the Dynamic Environment: The Corporate Challenge
1986 The Changing World Market: Canada's Response
1985 Canada's Industrial Realignment: Managing the Challenge
1984 Canada's Future: Developing Effective Strategy
1983 An International Perspective: New Challenges... New Solutions
1982 Realizing the Human Potential: Tapping a Vital Resource
1981 Mergers & Acquisitions: Effective Corporate Expansion?
1980 The Missing Link: A Canadian Industrial Strategy
1979 International Business: Is Canada Meeting the Challenge?
1978 Survival: The Challenge to Business in the Canadian Environment
1977 The Business Environment Today