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How to migrate from Blackberry Q10 or Z10 to a Blackberry Z30

How to migrate from Q10 or Z10 to Z30

The best way to migrate from a Blackberry 10 device to another Blackberry 10 device is to use the backup and restore feature in Blackberry Link. The procedure will back up and restore media, settings and application files (e.g. all your apps), but not your emails or contacts if you use Gmail.

The issue you may run into is that your old device may have a newer operating system than your new device and the restoration may not work. In that case, this is what you need to do to fix it.


1. Make a backup of your Q10 or Z10 device using the latest version of Blackberry Link.

2. Find the backup that you made. It will be located in My Documents\Blackberry\Backup\filenameanddate.bbb. Make a copy of it.

3. Change the file extension from .bbb to .zip so you can edit the .zip archive.

4. Open the zip archive using WinRAR or 7-zip so that you can edit the archive without extracting the files

5. Find the file called "Manifest.xml", and edit it

6. Look for the following line. <Platform type="QNX" version="10.2.0.xxxx"/> where xxx equals your OS version. Change the xxx to the same version as your Z30.

7. Save the file, and recompile the archive.

8. Rename the file from .zip back to .bbb.

9. Restore your new phone using Blackberry Link.

10. After restoration, re-enter any of the accounts you have created (Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, etc.


Hope this helps!